while some people fight to get a job, some do everything to loose it. But it is not a question of jobs, i would even go that far and say it is not a question of attitude (at least for some). It is a question of finding the right path. If you have the freedom of choice life plays a trick on us sometimes and makes it as difficult for us as if we haven’t had a choice.

But let’s see if there is a practical example?

„The fact that Sergei Polunin was pushed into ballet training, sent off to the Royal Ballet school when he was just 13, left Polunin with a deeply conflicted relationship to his own prodigious talent.“ Although it hurts to see that such a talent would rather want to quit than continue ballet, it is so understandable where the doubts came from. It is a delicate matter to guide a person into something at young age. They do what they are told, believing it is the right thing to do. But when they learn to walk they have to control the direction.




You all know how it feels doing things you don’t want. And some of them are necessary. But some are just inflicted. Things you can say no to, but you don’t because they are good from someone elses point of view. It is like the taste of food. Someone might say it is good for you, but if it doesn’t taste good to you, you just choose to not eat it. The things that are necessary, but you don’t feel doing them would be the vitamins. You eat something in order to prevent a deficiency. But the taste is up to you. It is your decision and your taste.

Of course when you need the money you just don’t think about it, but in some cases it still doesn’t make you happy. I know a lot of people staying in their jobs because they think it is a low-risk decision, which is wrong because no job is really safe…but i also know people who quit their jobs and found their path to happiness. I admire both. The strength to keep a job you don’t like takes a lot of self-abandonment and to quit a job to find what makes you happy a lot of courage.

But what inspires me most is the struggle and the beauty of what comes out of it. Life should never be easy otherwise it wouldn’t be so exceptional. Atā!


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