on Sunday i went to a „Vide Maison“ (basically a garage sale) in France. And normally this kind of days don’t leave any kind of extra impressions except the fun of buying vintage stuff. But that day something happened that we all did not expect. We went to a flash back in time and where allowed to listen to a very private music session. Not only where this people very talented but also very kind and interesting. They told us about their traveling in India and you could see on their faces they had lived and experienced things. All things had a very own story and were exposed with love. I don’t know how to put in words what i felt. It may seem trivial to you, but my family and i felt so rich afterwards.

I already explained in one of my posts that i am kind of a „characteristics collector“ and love to collect traits of wonderful people. People with personality. (https://charmeundmelone.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/die-kaffee-satz-philo-sophie/). And my mind is my personal journal.

Kind of weird, i know, but that is just because i call it that way. What i am saying with this is, that i can feel so rich after meeting a great person. It basically inspires me to be a better person too. Or to be more creative, or even see things in a more positive way than before. It helps me change my perspective.

It is not about age, or appearance, it is all about personality. And the personality of the person even reflects on the appearance. All that comes from stories a person has to tell. And how much one has experienced mentally. You can study for years, work successfully but still not have that personality! Or have it on top of that. It comes from inside. I may be wrong, but this is how i feel about it.

Maybe i don’t ever see this persons gain, but the memories stay forever. And sometimes when the moment is right i search for that memory in my mind and tell that story.

No matter what you do in life and what you may think about my post, make sure to take every situation as a gift and to collect precious moments.


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2 Kommentare zu “SUMMER HOLIDAY PART I / vintage, music and precious moments

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