when ever the summer holidays start we visit my second home where my family lives…FRANCE.

We usually relax and the kids enjoy our cats, dogs, the garden, the swing and the trampoline.

But from time to time we visit castles and museums and of course we go to flea markets and garage sales as i wrote in my SUMMERHOLIDAYS PART I post.
This summer we had three things on the to do list.

1) visit the „Musée national d’Histoire naturelle“

2) go to „Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes “ at the „Château de Versailles“-gardens

3) and finally visit the Monte Cristo castle of Dumas



The museum of natural history is one of my all time favorites in Paris. When ever you go there it is like diving into a world of tales and mysteriousness. The setting of old architecture and modern light installations makes this group of museums so real. You have different types of houses that you can visit within a magnificent garden and a huge park (https://www.mnhn.fr/fr)

If you don’t like stuffed animals then you better leave the „Grande Galerie de l‘ Évolution“ out. But it is really interesting. There are animals from all over the world and a humongous collection of insects in glass cabinets. If you like skeletons you should visit the „Galeries d’Anatomie comparée et de Paléontologie“. It is creepy and fascinating at the same time. You have skeletons from Dinosaurs to humans from all ages. The museum has a very own morbid beauty to itself. It holds anatomical jars and pathological preparations from back in the days where scientific curiosity was more important than ethical aspects. The „Jardin des Plantes“ and the „Zoo du Jardin des Plantes“ is mandatory.

Grande Galerie de l‘ Évolution

Grande_galerie_de_l'évolution_panorama-1geologie-Musee-Confluences-05Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-25 um 09.29.52

Galeries d’Anatomie comparée et de Paléontologie

7233879020150808_quotidienex_ 6660271827_065fc7be13_opaleo02

Jardin des Plantes




In the daytime historical, at night spectacular! „Château de Versailles“ is a must for all château lovers. But especially when night falls the castle garden has surprises to offer. From april to octobre the garden illuminates all fountains and music is playing to accompany the romantic setting. Artists display their installations and at the end of the spectacle you can enjoy a glas of Champagne watching fireworks complete the evening.

Le Château


Les Grande Eaux Nocturne Versailles




The „Château de Monte-Cristo“, the home, office and park of Alexandre Dumas, is located on Port-Marly hill. It is the breeding ground for many of Dumas‘ writings and a wonderful place to play pretend for kids. The garden has caves and woods and a little creek.

Wildly growing plants hide wonderful little fountains that are surveilled by frightening creatures. It is a place to dig into the past. You can take at Dumas‘ working place too. When we went to the castle there was an Contemporary Art Exhibition with sculptures by „Bruno Lemée“ which worked wonderfully with the setting. If you intend to visit the castle then take a look at seasonal theatrical nights or animations for children (http://www.chateau-monte-cristo.com/main/).

1280px_Le_Port_Marly_Cha_teau_de_Monte_Cristo_001IMG_631711216249_10153410812053903_764443506845030417_n 11742808_10153410812233903_3786834144735198934_ndyzhCcXYLJ9f_ZiXbKZ7jjoOX5E

I hope i gave you some ideas for your next vacations?
À très bientôt – Atā!

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