today i wan’t to share with you a wonderful holiday experience that i had in Greece, Crete this summer. It was truly one of a kind.

But first things first…Crete as an isle is so rich in culture and history that people call it „the cradle of europeen civilization“.


The term cradle of civilization has frequently been applied to a variety of cultures and areas, in particular the Ancient Near Eastern Chalcolithic (Ubaid period) and Fertile Crescent. It has also been applied to ancient Anatolia, the Levant, Armenia and Iran. But Greece is known as one of the culture predecessors of Western Civilization! And Crete is the isle of choice to Zeus in greek mythology where he would kidnap Europa and procreate his progeny.

The people of ancient Greece attempted to explain the world through the laws of nature. The ancient Greeks made important discoveries in science. They developed democracy, a system in which people govern themselves rather than being ruled by a king. And they also valued beauty and imagination. They wrote many stories and plays that continue to be performed today. So let’s not forget who we are talking to when we talk about Greek depression. Of course todays Greece is not ancient Greece. But that is another subject for another post.

I can just tell you that Greeks did not loose their hospitality, their smile and their very unique way of friendship.

Anyhow let’s get to the point where i have this experience i mentioned. That precious moment to collect!


With my family we heard of this Place called Armenoi. Of course my husband being Armenian we wanted to have a look and see if there was any relation to Armenians. On site we couldn’t find anything but i made a little research and found out that Armeni is one of three places in Crete named after the Armenian troops brought in by Byzantine general/emperor Nikiphoros Phokas in the 10th century to subdue the locals after having evicted the Arabs who had occupied the island for about a century and a half. You can read more about it here:





As we went to this wonderful place in Armenoi called „Tsitsikas“, a cafe with a earsplitting noise of cicadas we found a little flyer with a sweet donkey on it. It said „Donkey walks“.  And being a mother of two it was clear to me that we had to do it. We organized a meeting point and went there.

What we didn’t know was that this walk was not just a walk for fun, but it was a walk for freedom and peace in the world. The main goal of this wonderful project created by peace farmers is to grow a culture of peace. The donkeys are the guides leading to a reunification of human nature with Nature-at-large.

11802806_879195062172102_5447966513176413649_o 12015194_902173913207550_1847405739731278400_o 11936507_893812430710365_1131529434212019285_o 11933423_889401507818124_4354780094443731646_n 11896473_881824461909162_4715839486418694511_o IMG_7205IMG_7284 IMG_7184


Peace Farm is located adjacent to a traditional, working village in the Apokoronas region of the Greek island of Crete. Founded in 2012 by artists Brent Scheneman and Eliza Monet, the project is a Data A art work-in-progress in the second year of a five-year plan.

The project explores ways to help foster a culture of world peace working from a traditional Greek farm setting. Its aims are to examine and to model ideas that create conditions conducive for the life of all existing natural systems as well as for the gardens, livestock and participants.

Currently Peace Farm’s man-made features include a donkey breeding program, the daily care of organic gardens, pastures, fruit and nut trees, six sheep, five donkeys, three horses, two pigs, two goats, three farm dogs, five geese and many rabbits.  Peace Farm’s ‘Philosopher’s Walk with Donkeys’ is a new public outreach program.

Not only was it a wonderful day for our kids, but we got to know very sweet, creative persons with a lot of experience on the peace subject. I am really curious and excited to see how the project will evolve and i am sure that i will because it wasn’t my last time on this wonderful Island.


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