I am Mélina. My surname is Garibyan. Gharib means strange or stranger (غريب) and known or familiar (قريب) at the same time.  My mother is French, my father Latvian. My husband is Armenian from Istanbul. My half brother is Jewish and if i go back in history my ancestors were moors. I live and breath diversity. I did not choose to be that way, i am that way. I carry a lot of opposites in me but i wear them proudly! If i could change it, i wouldn’t because it rather fulfills than troubles.

• being strange/different can become familiar if you live with it •


My children are trilingual and we are very happy to be part of a family full of cultural richness. The only city that could fit to my intercultural needs is Cologne, where i live and work!

Beside our multilingual challenges i like to write about life in general, food, art, fashion, books and things that make me happy!

But my main focus is on trends, society, education, ethnicity, language, interculturality and mentality. Occasionally i organize culture weeks, where i introduce to a different culture and mentality.

I love the beauty of diversity.

I’m happy to welcome you here and to share my experiences and to learn from yours. If you leave a comment below one of my posts, i am happy to answer.


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